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Sports Physical

Any child who plays sports benefits from a focused sports physical. Board-certified pediatrician Ahmad Kayass, MD, of Tots N Teens Pediatrics, offers these thorough exams to ensure your child is healthy enough for play and not at risk of injury. Schedule your child’s sports physical today by calling the Plano, Mesquite, or Forney, Texas, office or use the website to schedule online. 

Sports Physical Q & A

When should my child have a sports physical?

If your child plays an organized sport, they benefit from a sports physical. Most teams or schools ask that your child get one before joining their organization in play. 

But, even if your child is joining a recreation or club league and an official physical isn’t required, it’s a good idea to get one for peace of mind and avoid unnecessary injury. 

What are the benefits of a sports physical?

Sports physicals can identify any underlying conditions that could cause a health problem during the season. Asthma or a heart condition that could cause complications during practice or play can be detected early and managed so your child can get on the field with confidence. 

Dr. Kayass can also give training tips during the physical to help them avoid injury. Girls who are close to puberty or already have their period benefit from guidance in avoiding the female athlete triad. This condition occurs in young women who undergo excessive training at the expense of good nutrition, regular menstruation, and bone development. 

What is involved in a sports physical?

A sports physical consists of reviewing your child’s medical and family history. Dr. Kayass does a thorough physical exam in which he checks your child’s vision as well as their ears, nose, throat, and abdomen. He’ll listen to your child’s heart and respiratory system.

To ensure your child is OK to play, Dr. Kayass also checks your child’s reflexes, posture, joints, and flexibility. 

What if my child doesn’t pass their sports physical?

Your child may not be cleared due to a medical condition or a recent injury, like a stress fracture or concussion. A heart murmur, severe asthma, or hernias may also keep your child from practice and play.

The news can be difficult for some children, but Dr. Kayass delivers it positively and compassionately. He’ll do everything possible to get your child the medical support they need to get back to playing the sport they love. 

Schedule your child’s sports physical today by calling Tots N Teens Pediatrics or reaching out online via this website.

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