The flu virus is one of the most contagious out there, especially for teens and children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best way to protect yourself from the infectious disease is by getting a flu shot. Tots N Teens Pediatrics has three locations throughout Texas - Mesquite, Plano, and Forney - allowing you to choose the most convenient one for your child’s medical needs. To many people, flu season seems like a yearly annoyance, it can be extremely dangerous, especially to young children. Regardless of how careful you are, there is a good chance your child will contract the flu without the flu shot. This is why we highly recommend your child getting a flu shot.

We care about the health and well-being of your entire family, which is why we offer flu vaccinations at each of our three convenient locations. Our dedicated medical staff is here to make sure you do not end up with the flu this year. By taking the initiative and coming into Tots N Teens Pediatrics for a flu shot, you will not only minimize your symptoms and any downtime but avoid getting sick with the flu this year altogether. Millions of people get the flu every year, and hundreds of thousands are hospitalized or even die from flu-related problems. Protect yourself and your children this year by getting a seasonal flu vaccine before it’s too late.

What is the Flu Shot?

The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months old gets the flu shot. If your child has existing health problems, be sure and talk to your Tots N Teens Pediatrics provider about whether or not the flu shot is the safe choice. Many people have misconceptions about what the flu shot actually is, preventing them from making an informed decision that could protect their loved ones from the awful virus.
The flu shot is a non-infectious, inactivated version of the influenza virus itself. When you get a flu shot, your body is then exposed to the virus, developing antibodies that can help fight off the live virus. Every single year a new vaccination is developed in order to combat the most problematic influenza strains. This is a very important preventative step that could keep your children healthy this flu season.

Prevent the Flu by Getting a Flu Shot

We recommend coming into one of our three convenient locations in Mesquite, Plano, or Forney to get a flu shot as soon as it is available. While flu season typically begins in October, it can be extremely unpredictable and may even take up to two weeks from the time of inoculation for your body to develop the antibodies it needs to fend off the virus. We understand it can be difficult to schedule in time to get a flu shot but doing so before the end of October can help protect your children from getting sick and missing out on school, extracurricular activities, and family functions. To learn more about the flu shot or to schedule an appointment with a Tots N Teens Pediatrics doctor, give us a call.